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D'AYR - Your erotic massage parlour from Timisoara

About Us

In the fairytale atmosphere of D’AYR erotic massage parlour you are welcomed by a lissom shadow, by the outline of a naked body which you can see only partially due to the diffused light, but you may feel it during the stunning body contact dance.

The erotic massage takes you in a world of fantasies and pleasure where there should be no inhibitions.

The erotic massage is a unique experience hitting the height of physical pleasure through the interaction of the most sensitive body areas of the person enjoying a massage made with the gentle and soft hands of an expert masseuse.

The ultimate temptation, the focus on each part of the naked body aiming to take you to the world of pleasures, the warm and naked body of the masseuse will seduce you and take you in a world of fantasies.

We invite you to visit D’AYR erotic massage parlour in order to discover the finest erotic massage services.

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Salon D'Ayr

Relaxing Massage

The relaxing massage is a pleasant way to relieve the stress and fatigue accumulated during the day.

Salon D'Ayr

Duo Body Massage

This type of massage is made by two masseuses who will take care of your body and will offer you an unforgettable pleasure in a smooth combination of relaxing massage and body erotic massage techniques.

Salon D'Ayr

Body Massage

The soft and relaxing caresses of the entire body made at different intensities by the masseuse who uses her hands and body are aimed to stimulate, to excite and to relieve in order to obtain a lasting emotional and mental balance.

Salon D'Ayr

Jacuzzi erotic massage

Just imagine a sensual woman playing cheerfully in a Jacuzzi. The water rustles and caresses her and she invites you to come and join her.

Salon D'Ayr

Erotic massage

We perceive the world through our senses and the sense of touch allows us to get in contact with each other. During the sensual massage, the gentle and relaxing caresses aim to stimulate, to excite and to relieve.

Salon D'Ayr

Massage for couples

Such massage strengthens the link between partners by removing the barriers and inhibitions from life as a couple.

Amongst the several parlours from Timișoara, D’AYR erotic massage parlour maintains its pole position due to its high class services. D’AYR – a journey to a taboo area, an area of pleasure and delight. Discrete location, beautiful girls and high quality erotic message services.

All the masseuses shall be treated with respect and the failure to comply with such rule shall lead to the interruption of services without refund.

"There is no doubt between a “no” and a “yes” of a woman” – we know this saying, but for us “no” means NO!

Be Careful!!!

Due to the fact that the taxi drivers sometimes have “alternative proposals and try to recommend you other parlours” please insist to visit us! According to our information, other erotic massage parlours offer a fee for bringing customers to their parlour! We do not accept to pay such fee. This may result in negative publicity. We advise you to not let yourselves influenced by such persons!