The massage session is a ritual of redefining your vision about the world, it generates positive thoughts and a body-spirit wellness. Your will be touched everywhere and the game of hands and bodies will help you discover areas that you do not even know about them.

Relaxing massage

  • The relaxing massage is a pleasant way to relieve the stress and fatigue accumulated during the day. The relaxing massage made by "D'AYR" masseuses will lead to a pleasant symbiosis between body and spirit.

    The massage, as a form of art, starts with gentle slips applied on your body by compressive movements, massage or gentle flicks, oscillatory or rhythmic, improves the health, helps you to relax your muscles and mind and creates a pleasant experience. The increase of blood circulation in the massaged areas helps you to remove the toxins stored in your body and boosts the production of the “hormone of happiness”.

Body Massage

  • It comes naturally after a relaxing massage. The soft and relaxing caresses of the entire body made at different intensities by the masseuse who uses her hands and body are aimed to stimulate, to excite and to relieve in order to obtain a lasting emotional and mental balance.

Erotic massage

  • The erotic massage is a very sensual massage defined as a massage of senses. We perceive the world through our senses and the sense of touch allows us to get in contact with each other. During the sensual massage, the gentle and relaxing caresses aim to stimulate, to excite and to relieve. The erotic game of touching the most sensitive and intimate areas will stimulate maximum pleasure.

    During the erotic massage, the masseuse shall use her skilful hands so that you enjoy unique sensations.

Duo body massage

  • The Duo Body massage is every man’s dream. This type of massage is made by two masseuses who will take care of your body and will offer you an unforgettable pleasure in a smooth combination of relaxing massage and body erotic massage techniques. It is a real erotic show, a simultaneous, rhythmic and lustful dance, a continuous delight.

Jacuzzi erotic massage, a dream come true.

  • Just imagine a sensual woman playing cheerfully in a Jacuzzi. The water rustles and caresses her and she invites you to come and join her. This is a dream which may come true faster than you expected. The Jacuzzi erotic massage brings together the relaxing benefits of water and the relaxing erotic massage.

You can enjoy all these benefits together with a masseuse you selected whose mission is to bring you pleasure. The Jacuzzi massage is a new way of exploring the realm of pleasures, so what are you waiting for? It is time for you to enjoy this temptation.

Massage for couples

  • Such massage strengthens the link between partners by removing the barriers and inhibitions from life as a couple. Just watch and learn! Have you ever seen your partner tremble with pleasure during a simple erotic massage? Why being selfish and deprive her from such pleasure? It is an experience which will help you know each other better in terms of erotic, hidden desires…